In order to carry out all the projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
Board of Directors
Club Historian
Club Website and Communications Committee
Community Service-Kiwanis One-Day Project One Day of Volunteer Activity
Community Services Committee-Adopt A Highway As a club we support the "Adopt a Highway" program.
Community Services: Food Pantry
Community Services: River Gateway
Community Services: Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Community Services-Day in the Park Day in the Park for disadvantaged youth.
Directory Committee Creates the annual Kiwanis directory for members.
Finance Committee Responsible for preparing a budget and determining disbursement of funds to local charities.
Fundraising Committee: Bowl-a-Thon Oversees annual bowling event to raise funds in support of the Spastic Paralysis Foundation.
Fundraising Committee: Golf Oversees annual golf event to raise funds in support of our community goals.
Fundraising Committee: Peanuts Oversees annual sale of peanuts to raise funds in support of our community goals.
Fundraising Committee: Rose Day Oversees annual sale of roses to raise funds in support of our community goals.
Human and Spiritual Values Committee Implement projects that support spiritual development, provide human comfort, counseling and guidance. Projects may include interfaith prayer breakfasts, transportation to religious services, visits to local nursing homes and support of grief counseling.
Interclub Committee Organize monthly visits by our Club members to other Kiwanis Clubs.
Kiwanis at Night Evening gathering to promote Kiwanis fellowship.
Kiwanis in the News
Meeting Games/Trivia Games & Trivia
Meeting Program/Guests Arranges for guest speakers and for member profiles. Responsible for ensuring there is a host for every guest speaker and that all material arrangements relating to a guest speaker are met (such as microphones, projectors or other equipment needed by the speaker).
Membership Growth and Retention Committee Strive to increase membership, develop and maintain an effective orientation and mentor new members.
Publicity & Facebook Ensure the public receives information on the Club's goals, activities and achievements on a timely basis.
Social Events Promoting Kiwanis Fellowship
Sponsored Youth Committee Help to establish and support Kiwanis kids clubs including Builders Clubs, Key Clubs, Aktion Clubs and Circle-K Clubs.
Young Children Priority One Committee Implement projects for children from pre-natal through age five. This committee supports the Kiwanis Worldwide Service Project and Spastic Paralysis Research.