Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
St. Charles
Serving the Children of the World

Each Kiwanis member is asked to join one of the folowing committees in order to carry out all the projects with which Kiwanis is involved throughout the year.

COMMUNITY SERVICES:   Adopt a Highway, Dave Mack-Chairman Day in the Park, Dan Kelly-Chairman, River Corridor & Riverside Clean-up, Joe Boyd & Joe Cucci-Co-Chairman, Salvation Army Bell Ringers, Bob MacNeille-Chairman FoodPantry, Bill Knotts-Chairman,  Kiwanis One-Day Project, Joe Cucci-Chairman. 


FUNDRAISING:  Bowl A Thon, Linda Brodine-Chairman, Eliminate, Lori Linkimer & Connei Kurr-Co-Chairs, Golf Outing, Betsy Penny & Mike Linkimer-Co-Chairs, Peanuts, Vacant Chair, Rose Day, Diana Brown & Connie Kurr-Co-Chairs.

PROGAMS:  Human & Spiritual Values, Paul Conterato-Chairman, Interclub, Joe Cucci-Chairman, In the News, Diane Dewitte & Linda Stachowiak-Co-Chairs, Kiwanis at Night, Laurie Milbourn-Chairman, Meeting Catering, Lori Hewitt-Chairman, Meeting Games/Trivia, Mike Dohan-Chairman, Meeting Greeters, Connie Kurr-Chairman, Meeting Program/Guests, Stu Ainsworth & Mike Dixon-Co-Chairs, Meeting Set-Up & Clean-Up, Bill Knotts-Chairman, Meeting Vocals, Stu Ainsworth & Stew Liechti, Co-Chairs, Raffle, Terry Andrew, Social Events, Lori Hewitt-Chairman, Who Am I, John Radman

MEMBERSHIP:  Membership Growth & Retention, Diane DeWitte & Mike Penny-Co-Chairs, Membership Health & Welfare, Linda Brodine-Chairman, Membership Directory, Elizabeth Crone & Lori Hewitt-Co-Chairs, Photographer, Laurie Milbourn, Publicity & Facebook, Mike Dohan & Laurie Milbourn-Co-Chairs, Website, Andy Hanses-Chairman

SERVICE LEADERSHIP:  Sponsored Youth, Betsy Penny & Rita Payleitner-Co-Chairs, East Key Club, Rita Payleitner, North Key Club, Sue Liechti & Betsy Penny, Thompson Builders Club, Jennifer Biddle, Young Children Priority One, Diane DeWitte-Chairman